Flooring Tile Styles

Tile manufacturers from all over the world are constantly innovating and bringing new looks to the world of ceramic tile floors. Below is an overview of new designs and aesthetic trends from recent years…

Let’s Start with Glossy, Modern, Edgy

As featured in the picture below, flooring tile can look very glossy and modern. The dark grey tone gives this tile floor a high-end look. At the same time a small border crosses the room from wall to wall. This unusual pattern contributes to the modern look of this tile floor with the strong shapes and texture of the tile accentuating the drama of the overall room.

Textured tile floor and wall combination

Flooring tile manufacturers now offer the greatest possibilities in innovation and expression of different colors and textures, offering more varieties, definition, quality and graphic impact. With the new Maxima line featured below, Ceramica Imola, an Italian tile manufacturer, gives life to a new innovative material. Thanks to its aesthetic capacity, Maxima broadens and revolutionizes flooring tile finishing, inaugurating a new kind of product line in the ceramic tile market. Thanks to Maxima the ceramic tile space becomes an infinite space, expression of a new decorative force.

Polished tile floor

Leather-Like Texture

In these two pictures below, part of the Ceramica Imola NAPPA SERIES, tile comes in a totally different style. The darker and softer look of these new tiles comes across as very high-end and elegant. The tone is soft and soothing. From a design perspective, these wall and floor tiles bring an instant feel of elegance and sophistication.

Coop Ceramica Imola NAPPA SERIES imola ceramica-nappa-series2

Floor Tile That Looks Like Wood

With advances in technology, floor tiles can now look like laminate wood, hardwood, finished cement or other non-ceramic textures. In this kitchen, notice how the selection of a unique wood-like floor tile gives the room a distinctive style that you are not likely to find anywhere else. Now, tile can look so much more than just white ceramic.

Imola Floor Example

Traditional Stone Textures

In these rooms below you can notice how the floor tiles show an uneven texture for a more traditional, old-style look. These types of floors will go well with more traditional furniture in an environment that inspires an old-style atmosphere.

Example of Tile made to look like red wood Example of Chateaux Loire

When using an older floor tile, it is recommended to use a fairly simple pattern. The complexity of a pattern, together with the older floor style, may indeed be overwhelming to the eye. However one can be creative with tile borders, as featured in the picture below. The main stone floor follows a very simple layout but the homeowner selected an 18 inch wide border made out of smaller mosaic stone tile that gives character to the room.

2nd Example of Chateaux Loire

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