New Looks For Your Ceramic Tile Floor

With advances in technologies, several manufacturers have introduced new hardwood looks. With darker brown colors and special textures, these floor tiles look almost exactly like wood but keep the resistance and durability of ceramic tile materials. In this picture below is featured a floor from Italgres, a spanish tile manufacturer that introduced its new Ikronos and techwood collections in 2008.

Italgres Ikronos Rocersa-Alcazaba

A lot of changes have happened in the tile industry over the past 5 years. One of the most important trend is the improved technological aspect of how tile is made. Tile is looking more beaufitul than ever. Many breakthroughs center on how glazes are applied to tile to provide a realistic look. Now it is just hard to make the difference between porcelain or ceramic tile and natural stone.

Homeowners can experiment with new colors and tones. The pictures below showcase a natural wood look.

Tiles made to look like wood Tiles styles to look like wood Wood styled tiles

Ceramic Tile Inspired by Nature

Sand dunes used a inspiration for Tile Design Example of Nature used a inspiration for Tile Design Forest used a inspiration for Tile Design

The video below shows a tile installation using wood inspired tile.