Keraben Floor Tiles Gallery

Keraben is one of the leading tile manufacturers in the world and showcases an impressive collection of floor tiles. Located in Spain, a country well known as the home of some of the largest tile manufacturers, Keraben uses the latest technologies to manufacture new innovative tile and stone textures, colors and designs.

keraben bluefloor

One of the most interesting new tile floors by Keraben features a wood-like texture and color. The pictures below introduce tile flooring that looks just like wood, but has the resistance and durability that makes tile most attractive as a flooring solution.

Keraben Tile Wood Keraben Wood Tile keraben color chart

Featured above: the Keraben Yosemite collection of tile floors.

Contrasting color flooring tiles can broaden your design options with a wide new array of possibilities. Look at this design below where a dark brown floor is used in combination with a light cream wall tile to achieve a truly soothing spa feel in this bathroom.

Keraben Moka Wood Tile Keraben Moka Wood Tile 2

If you are not ready yet to venture into these new innovative floor tile looks, consider these more traditional colors and textures. As featured in the 2 bathrooms below, beige tile is timeless, whether you go with a darker (left) or lighter (right) color. The patterns and mosaic possibilities you can use to upgrade the look of the room are endless. In the left bathroom, notice how the homeowner used mosaic tile on the bottom part of the wall tile to give this room a very unique and distinctive look while choosing a conservative color. Both feature regular 12x12 floor tiles with a simple grid pattern, leaving all the fancy decorations, mosaic inserts and accents for walls.

Keraben Traditional Bathroom Tile Keraben Traditional Bathroom Tile 2

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