Tile and Lights

Light using with tile design in the bathroom

Alvi SA, featured in the picture above, is an argentinian producer of tile, available through the following distributors.
USA - WEST, Pacific Imports Corp., Phone: (1) (661) 9422545
USA - USA NORHEAST, Heartland Tile, Phone: (1) (856) 6080012
USA - SOUTHEAST, Ceramic Consulting Corp., Phone: (1) (305) 6677090

LED lighting in the bathroom

LED Lighting from Steuler

When designing a bathroom tile floor in a modern environment, the new LED lighting from Steuler can definitely make an impression that will fit perfectly in your design and wow everyone. These new illuminated tiles can create a great ambiance and also have a practical use, as orientation lighting in floors.

LED lighting can also be used to illuminate a backsplace as featured in the picture below.

LED lighting used for the sink backsplash

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Creating An Ambiance

Look at the picture below to see how beautiful floor or wall tile can be used together with lighting to create a very special ambiance. Homeowners spend a lot of time selecting their preferred tile but often do not think enough how the room's lighting will affect the color and the whole room ambiance.

Lighting Effects in the Bathroom