Wall Tile Patterns

Most homeowners take full advantage of the wide variety of available tile patterns when customizing their tile floors but are unaware of the creative possibilities that wall tile has to offer. It’s unfortunate because wall tile designs have the potential to make an artistic and personal statement while achieving a very high-end look in otherwise ordinary rooms.

Wall tile typically employs larger format tiles, often 12 inches or larger and often rectangular shapes (12x18 or 12x24). In this room, rectangular 18x24 ceramic tiles are used in combination with a very small but elegant vertical border using miniature tile that complements the color of the furniture and provides a subtle accent.

Keraben Trevi Patterns on Ceramic Tile Wall

This bathroom below features a very similar wall tile design, with a border matching the homeowner's choice of furniture & accessories. Note how the facing wall features large 18x18 tiles while the right side wall showcases mosaic tile. There’s no limit to the combinations of wall tiles you can use but keep in mind that small wall tiles work best when contrasted with larger format tiles.

Trevi Travertino Patterns on Ceramic Tile Wall

In this very high-end condominium, the homeowner used large 12x24 wall tiles in an alternating pattern with smaller 2x24 tiles. This design is highlighted by a silver border running throughout that nicely compliments the darker brown color.

Super Ceramica Patterns on Ceramic Tile Wall

In this eclectic style, the wall tile featured below showcases a combination of small and large tiles, laid perpendicular to each other to achieve an interesting effect. The flooring tile is from the same collection but employs the standard square format (12x12), typical with flooring tile, while the wall tile is narrow and rectangular. Although the pattern is the same throughout, the varied sizes and placement create the unique look.

La Latera Distrbution Pizarra Patterns on Ceramic Tile Wall

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