Heated Tile Floors

Turn Cold Tile into a Warm Floor

Floor heating under ceramic tile

Ultra-thin floor warming systems conveniently install under tile and stone to add soothing warmth and comfort to your favorite rooms.

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Tools You Need

Below is a short list of most of the items required to install a new ceramic tile or stone floor. A tile cutter can be rented at most rental yards and some tile stores. If you have a lot of cuts to make I would suggest renting a wet saw.

When I choose a trowel, what size notch should I go for?

Ceramic Tile Trowel for Installation

It depends on the ceramic tiles you use for the job. If the back of the tile is flat, a 1/4 inch should be enough. If you use heavily corrugated tiles, you might want to use a 3/8 of an inch notched trowel.